Saturday, August 8, 2009

I usually have something to say about everything! However, tonight I find I am speechless!

The computer as a whole tool intimidates me with voraciousness. I'm coming from a world where I have never been required to be that computer person; the person that inputs everything for you because that is their job. I have always relied on the knowledge of others for these types of tasks. Now, well now, I feel as though I've been caught in a time-warp. One foot stumbles backward and the other foot tumbles forward, leaving me to straddle a virtual world. It's a world full of scary flying monkeys and apple throwing trees with sirens of nasty, wicked laughs screaming from the speaker at my fingertips!

I've had a few viruses that threatened to completely destroy my laptop and managed to scare me witless. And believe me, there were a few times I thought I had done pee'd in my chili!

Seriously, with the laying aside of petty euphemisms, I go boldly where I have never gone before! I'm excited and fearful. I'm nervous and vexed. I'm also too cautious and yet overly curious. My basic nature will push me forward and I will continue to scoot up closer to the instuctions; therefore, I will learn. I'm too stubborn not to.

So all you good people wish me luck and wish me brains, for I am jumping off into the deep end here, and I only have one of those long silly noodles to keep me afloat and my head above water!!! Smile.


  1. You'll get it, girl. Keep at it. BTW, as you can see I'm reading through your older posts tonight. :)

    See you Thursday.

  2. You've always encouraged and helped me, and never asked for anything in return! YOU must be an Angel sent straight from God above! Thank you.

  3. Even though this brave new world that we find ourselves in can be sometimes scary, it is more the NEW that frightens us, than the BRAVE. But with time, new becomes familiar and then we find something else to be scared of...hang in there, it wil become second nature soon....