Sunday, August 30, 2009

If I Asked You A Question

If I had something to say,
Would you be the one to listen?

If dreams were a gift,
Would you be the one bestowed?

If you possessed the cure to heal,
Would you share the knowledge freely?

If you acknowledge those less fortunate,
Do you not feel empathy for their plight?

If you offered your hand,
Would it be to help or to harm?

If kindness guaranteed our tomorrows,
Would your sleep be peaceful tonight?

If I asked you a question,
Would I get a reply?

-Terri Bonney


  1. Great Poem! Very thought provoking. I especially like the 5th and 6th stanzas. They make me think the most.

  2. Travis, I hold your comments in the highest esteem. I write to express what I have trouble speaking, and within your thoughts I hear reflections of the very reasons I write. Thank you for your open and honest considerations. You must know that your opinion matters a great deal to me and as always I look forward to the feedback I get from you.