Sunday, August 16, 2009

Steph In The City is an award-winning blog and I love to read what this particular young woman has to say about stuff. She recently blogged about Miley Cyrus' pole performance. My comment and humble opinion flowed through my fingertips tumbling onto the keyboard like the winnings from a slot machine. Before I knew it I had written a blog myself!

Mauling Miley

I slammed my coffee down on the kitchen bar, ignoring the mess of splatter, reading the latest disaster scrolling across the bottom of the tv. As I take in the news, I can’t help but sink into the nearest chair and read in horror. How could this happen? Didn’t the people in charge understand the consequences of their actions? Apparently not; and as a result, the world as we know it has been completely and utterly knocked off its axis. All because Miley Cyrus danced on or around a pole! Ooooh my gooooodnesssssss!

I'm so glad I didn't have any little girls to worry about, but I did raise two little boys and I did worry about them. I wanted them to respect women as equals and yet see them as the softer sex. I wanted them to be proud of themselves for good reasons. I suppose every parent dreams of raising their children in that way; helping them to become all they aspire to, teaching them the stars are within their reach. And believe me, there is a whole lotta teaching in that concept alone!

Sex is and will always be a sales pitch. Communication between a child and parent is a vital aspect of the relationship and should be open to the discussion of any topic, no matter how sensitive. The how-to’s of hopscotch, riding a bicycle, the birds and the bees, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Acme products, are just a few of the basic life-instructions parents need to be prepared for.
These questions and others will always be queried at the most inopportune times; and in my experience with no warning or time to prepare the proper responses. Here’s the tricky part of the answer: finding the middle ground, then hoping your child grows up to be a non-judgmental, and yet well-grounded personality tolerable of many different life-styles and cultures. Why? Because these are the children that will raise your future grand-children! As for me, I don’t know one parent who is proud of their kindergartener bully who makes little Sally cry because she has two mommies!

As for Miley and her dance, most likely she was extremely nervous about the performance; all the ifs of the situation have probably caused not only her, but her parents as well, to lose more than a few nights of sleep. I ask myself, if I were her parent how would I make such a difficult career decision, knowing it’s your child’s future and her dreams. As a parent myself, I know more than anything, I would want to help my child in whatever way I could to understand each and all ramifications from such a fickle public.

I guess when Elvis danced on stage in his early days; my grandparents must have thought that all hell had broken loose! I can’t help but imagine my dad holding Granma’s broom like a microphone, pretending to be Elvis! No, Elvis didn’t have a pole to hang onto when he danced but he was very scandalous to Granma and Grandpa! How naughty Elvis was to gyrate his hips. Wasn’t it nice of Ed Sullivan to endorse Elvis? If Mr. Sullivan said Elvis was a fine young gentleman, choir-singing-church-going-boy of good character, then it must be so! Elvis suddenly went from the devil’s advocate to the poor thing that couldn’t control spasms!

Role models grow up, that's just life! Do we like some of their actions or behaviors, not always. Should we judge them, I don't think so. Should we help our children understand empathy, it could be a good thing.

Miley is a beautiful young lady and I for one hope and pray that she makes the leap from child to adult; after all, WHO are her role models? Shouldn't she have one WE could all hold up on the Miss Perfect Celebrity pedestal?

How about this party idea for the next young tween's or teen's birthday bash? For the girls, we could have 'Miss Perfect Celebrity' piñatas. The boys could do a 'Mr. Perfect Celebrity' piñata. We could design them to look similar to the actual celebrity in the spotlight at the moment, we could arrange to hang them from the highest tree, and give all the good little boys and girls big baseball bats to bash their freaking celebrity to pieces until they bleed candy and treats, showering the participating party crowd with blood, (oops I meant) the much anticipated rewards!

That would be a grrrrreat thing to teach our kids, right?

It’s just something to think about.


  1. Glad I inspired you!!! I watched the video and I just can't see it. Yes, she holds onto a pole but just to keep her atop that fake ice cream truck. And her "suggestive dancing" I read so many angry moms writing about was no more suggestive than what the cheerleaders did in high school. But I guess it's the general idea of her in a skimpy outfit singing a song that's not straight from Disney's collection is what has moms all up in arms.

  2. First, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to link to your blog. It's sad that some people make much to do about somethings they shouldn't and most likely ignore the things they could change in their own backyard.

  3. Yay, Terri, I'm officially following your blog. I can't believe I didn't know you had a blog. I'm going to read through all your stuff as soon as I return from KY. For now, it's off to bed - gotta be up super early. I enjoyed spending time with you at the meeting tonight. See you at critique.

  4. I want to say thank you for taking the time to help me with my comptardedness. Working through the comment posting problem confirmed my thoughts; it was not cockpit errors, but a firewall setting that blocked comment interactions. So here are my props to you!

    Officially, you are not MY mentor; however, secretly I consider you to be my personal mentor. You are the one person that has made a HUGE difference in the direction and skill-level of my writing. In my heart, I believe that God Himself arranged our friendship and that I have many lessons to learn from you. And, that's my honest feelings! Smile Awhile!

  5. I agree with the comments on Miley. She is a child singer/actress trying to find her adult voice.

  6. Why thank you sir, it's nice to know I am not the only decent human left on this earth! How audacious it would be of us to expect a child to grow-up and be socially acceptable if we first do not extend even a little bit of God's kindness towards a young and tender heart, albeit even a public personality!