Thursday, January 27, 2011

Autumn Sunday Drives

Families enjoy their country drives and Sunday picnics,

When the autumn breeze turns so cool and crisp.

Packing up toys and pets; blankets and drumsticks;

To play in meadows, picking flowers, and lakes to fish.

Sunshine painting laughter, igniting precious smiles,

They play until the clouds of blue turn to orange skies

Chasing daytime butterflies to catching neon fireflies

Collecting many blessings from simple country drives.

All along the winding lane they talk of future dreams.

Little noses smashed on windows, hopeful just to see,

Carefully watching every tree blowing in the breeze

To glimpse a baby eagle, sitting under scarlet leaves.

I hold a framed aged-old memory, babies on a seashore.

Salty tears rain down; remembering how they've grown.

Trading toys of yesteryear for the glory of a uniform.

To serve the greater cause our soldiers marched to war.

Wrapped in morning's fog my prayer becomes redundant

Begging God for mercy, bring our heroes safe back home.

To have a chance to live, to love, to picnic in the sun

And Autumn Sunday drives with families of their own.

Revised Poem as of January 2011 Terri L. Bonney